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The Nevada County Penny Pitch Founders
Joe & Darlene Hevia
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Pictured: Back row: John Kane and Joe Hevia

Front row:Tom & Judy O'Toole, Darlene Mariani-Hevia, Caroline & Frank Machi

Nevada County Penny Pitch History

By Tom O'Toole
After years of active participation at the Washington Square Bar & Grill Penny Pitch in San Francisco, KNCO Representative, Joe Hevia, approached several long time friends, all Washington Square Bar & Grill Penny Pitch veterans, with the idea of Nevada County hosting such an event. Joe was greeted with great enthusiasm. Before you could say; “Penny Pitch”   San Francisco natives, John Kane, Frank and Carolyn Machi, Judy and Tom O’Toole were being led to San Francisco for their last Penny Pitch in “The City” by Joe and his San Francisco native wife Dee. Pennies were pitched, cocktails were had as Joe outlined his plans to bring a penny pitching charity event to Nevada County.

Kane’s restaurant was to be the place. Nevada County United Way would be the first beneficiary to the monies raised, and all participants were to have a great time and great food. The beneficiaries of the funds raised changes periodically.

The first Penny Pitch was held on Saturday, June 21, 2008 the day of those monstrous lightning storms that hit Nevada County causing thousands of lightning strikes and hundreds of fires. Ironically, Nevada County United Way was able to respond with some of the donations raised by the Penny Pitch.  Megan Timpany, Executive Director, United Way of Nevada County is pleased to state, “Funds from the Penny Pitch were contributed to the United Way’s impact fund to be used for allocations to United Way’s partner agencies. These funds help to support the community of Nevada County in many ways including helping to resolve life threatening crisis such as the fires that occurred that year.”

Thanks to the vision of Joe Hevia and the generosity of the people of the foothills  the Penny Pitch is now fully established as a successful charity event; a tribute to all participants and the generosity of the citizens of Nevada County.

Come out and enjoy the fun, food and merriment at a now unique Nevada County event. Grab some pennies and let the pitching begin.